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Add the Bot

How to add the Discord bot.

Inviting the bot

To add the bot to your server you will need to invite it using the invite link then select the server you want to add it to. Bot Invite Link:


The bot's permissions are required for it to function, this is to ensure a high quality user experience as it was intended. None of these permissions are security sensitive.
There is 1 optional permission that you can grant the bot after it has been added. The Manage Roles permission will allow the bot to create roles that are linked to badges on the website such as Top Trader and High Win Rate which are rewarded to traders who earned them from holding a top ranked position on the leaderboard, or having a 70% win rate or higher.

Greeting Message

When the bot joins the server it scans for channels with the keywords "general", "hangout", & "chat" to send it's greeting message. If it does not detect a channel containing a key word it sends the message into the first channel it has the Send Messages permission. This greeting message will inform you that a setup is not required but will prompt you with the available commands for settings.