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New Trade Overview

Explanation of all New Trade and Active Positions interface elements.
New Trade Interface

New Trade

Market - Toggle between stocks, options, or crypto markets. Position - Toggle for submitting a long or short trade. Symbol - The ticker symbol of asset being submitted. - When entering a ticker that our platform doesn't recognize, you will be prompted with an error and the option to report the missing ticker if you believe it is valid. Pair (crypto) - The trading pair being used for trade, the 2nd ticker symbol. (I.e. BTC/USDT where USDT is the pair.) Price - The price of your trade. - A real-time price is auto-filled when a ticker symbol has been entered, which can be used to submit rather than inputting a price.
We check real-time prices when a trade is submitted, and allow a small threshold of how far you can be off the current market price to allow for volatility and time it takes when submitting a trade.
Style Dropdown Menu - To mark your trade as daytrade, scalp, swing, or long term.

When options is toggled

State - To select whether the trade is a call or put. Exp. Date - Type in an expiration date or select one. Strike - The strike price of your options contract.
Second & Optional Final Step of New Trade
Take Profit & Stop Loss - Set TP and/or SL. - Not required
Did you know? Trades will automatically close when your specified Take Profit or Stop Loss has been triggered. See more info regarding this feature Setting TP/SL​
Trade Notes - Include notes or (soon) upload media. - Not required Flags - Flag a trade with three different types of risks. Sharing Settings - Auto share trade to your Discord webhooks or via Tweet.
Trade Sharing To add Discord webhooks or link your Twitter for automatic trade sharing, read more about Trade Sharing Overview.

Active Positions

Active Positions Interface
Quick Close
- Instantly close a position at it's current market price. Status - Average, partial/trim, or close a position. Price - Use the provided current market price or input your own Trade Notes - Add optional notes or upload media. Share position update to Discord or Twitter. See Trade Sharing Overview for more info.