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Discord Ticker Price Bots

Ticker bots display close to real-time price updates and are available for any Discord server. If there's a ticker you'd like added, feel free to reach out.
We'll be revamping these to add more customization, so servers can re-order them however they'd like or remove number order altogether.
Ticker bots can be added by using the links below, along with an example of how they look.
Upon adding a bot(s), they will need to be restarted to start updating and changing their nicknames within your server. Bots are generally restarted every 6 hours. If you have added a bot and would like it to function right away, feel free to send a message in our support channel and we'll do so.

How to automatically change colors

For the bots to automatically change colors, representing up/down price changes, you will need to create two roles. Create two roles named "Up" and "Down" with their respected colors. Then assign the Manage Roles permissions to the bots if they don't have it already.

Available ticker bots

You can request any stock, futures, forex, or crypto ticker(s) you'd like added, and we will have it running within 48 hours. Join our Discord and send a request through our support channel.
Stocks & ETFs
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